See You at ASMS 2023

ASMS 2023 is almost here, and we are excited to share all the ways you can connect with us at the show. Morning, noon, and night, we will have ample opportunities for education, interaction, and fun! Booth #818 is our home base, but be sure to check out our Breakfast Symposia and Poster Sessions to learn more about how industry leaders are using Covaris AFA technology to improve their protein analysis sample prep.

Celebrate the end of each day at our Hospitality Suite, with more opportunities for hands-on demonstration combined with food, drink, and fun activities. We look forward to seeing you in Houston! 

Breakfast Seminars in Room 360 CF

Monday, June 5

A Simplified High Throughout Cell-based Assay for Increased Proteomic Coverage of Cardiomyocytes
Presented by Saeed Seyedmohammad, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist, Cedars-Sinai Medical Institute

A Rapid Workflow for High-Throughput FFPE-based Proteomics
Presented by Benjamin Madden
Staff Scientist, Mayo Clinic Proteomics Core

Tuesday, June 6

AFA Ultrasonication as a Versatile Sample Preparation Tool for Proteomics Core Facilities
Presented by Jennifer Roof
Research Technician, CHOP-Penn Proteomics Core Facility, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania

Simplified Homogenization Workflow to Maximize Protein Extraction and Minimize Variance Across Sample Types using Dry Pulverization and Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) Technology
Presented by Meagan Gadzuk-Shea, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Proteomics, AstraZeneca
and Juan Wang, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Proteomics, AstraZeneca

Parallel Analysis of the Proteome, Histone PTMs and RNA Modifications from Frozen and FFPE Tissue by MS 
Presented by Joanna Lempiainen, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Washington University School of Medicine (Saint Louis, MO)

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Evening Excitement

Spend your evenings with us! Visit our Hospitality Suite on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights from 8-11pm in Americas Ballroom C. Sip our signature cocktails while savoring sumptuous appetizers in a chill, relaxing atmosphere. Take your photo at our Digital Graffiti Wall and unleash your creativity using realistic spray paint cans to color and personalize your picture with digital stickers. You'll be able to print and share digital copies of your masterpiece when you're done!

We'll also have fun games, and our instruments will be on display with our stellar sales and applications consultants on hand to answer all your questions. We can't wait to see you there!

Tuesday Is Neon Night!

Get your glow on! We're amping up the excitement on Tuesday night with everything NEON. (We swear drinks taste better in a neon cup.) Come by for special neon giveaways and games. This fun night is sure to leave you glowing! 


MP 125 Efficient Extraction of Proteins from Desiccated Blood followed by On-Bead Trypsinization - An Efficient Alternative to Plasma-based LC-MS Analysis
Presented by Sameer Vasantgadkar, Covaris

MP 434 Bottom-Up Proteomic Workflows for Low Cell Input Samples in a Core Facility Setting
Presented by Jennifer Roof, CHOP-Penn Proteomics Core Facility, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania


TP 637 Investigating the risk of relapse in non-small cell lung cancer with proteomics
Presented by Corinna Friedrich, MDC Berlin, Berlin, Germany


ThP 238 A rapid workflow for high-throughput FFPE-based proteomics
Presented by Dr. Ganesh Pujari, Mayo Clinic

ThP 687 A simplified high throughout cell-based assay for increased proteomic coverage of cardiomyocytes
Presented by Saeed Seyedmohammad, Ph.D., Cedars-Sinai Medical Institute

S. Seyedmohammad

B. Madden

J. Lampiainen

M. Gadzuk-Shea

J. Wang

J. Roof

Must-See Posters

S. Seyedmohammad

J. Roof

S. Vasantgadkar

C. Friedrich

G. Pujari